Albion to host GCB double wicket cricket on May 3 & 4

By Sean Devers (kaieteur News)

Finals to be played under lights, ½ million for Male winners & $100,000 for Females

The historic Alboin Sports Complex in Corentyne, Berbice hosted the first ever ODI in the West Indies in 1977 when West Indies beat Pakistan by four wickets in the one-off match and over the years the crowds have turned up at in large numbers to support their teams even at the domestic level.

Now with the installation of Floodlights at the First-Class Venue set to be fully completed this month, The Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) has organized a 16-team grand double wicket cricket competition on the weekend of May 3 and 4. The competition will cater for both Male and Female pairs and both Finals will be contested under-lights on Sunday May 4.

Entry fee for each male pair is $40,000 and $10,000 for Females and the Pairs will vie for the half Million first prize for males and $100,000 for females. The male runner-up takes home $200,000 and the female runner-up pockets $50,000. Each team will acquire their own sponsor who will pay their entrance fees and manage the team.

The first match is scheduled to start at 10hrs on Day one and 13:00hrs on Day two. The Preliminary round matches will be four overs per side with both players bowling two overs.

At a venue which hosted the last of its five ODIs in 1985 when West Indies beat New Zealand, a large crowd is anticipated since this will be the first time cricket will be played under proper lights in Berbice and not much of the younger generation know what is double wicket cricket.

Incentive Prizes for sixes will be given out for the top five male six hitters and the top three six hitters on the distaff side. Incentive Prizes will be given for the most catches, best five fielders, and run outs on a formula to be determined. No fielding restrictions will be in place but other standard cricket Laws will apply.

The GCB will provide the fielders, Umpires, meals, refreshments, scorers, announcers each day in addition to promotion and marketing of event and other officials.

The Presentation Ceremony will be done immediately after the second final and everyone will be admitted free of charge on the first day while adult males will be required to pay $1,000 to enter the ground on day two. Females and kids pay no charge while there will be free parking and a Tarmac party on Sunday night.
Double wicket cricket at a high level was last played at Bourda in 1987 when several international players competed including Sir Gary Sobers, Lance Gibbs and Michael Holding in addition to all the then present Guyanese Test players. Eleven fielders, including the two participating players will be on the field at all times.

Day I (96 overs X 4 mins= 392 mins) with a 5 min turnaround time between 12 matches= 60 mins= 452 mins or 7 1/2 hrs approx
– 8 Preliminary Male Matches to be 4 overs a side on a knockout basis= 64 overs
– 4 Preliminary Female matches to be 4 overs a side= 32 overs
– All 4overs would be bowled from one end of the wicket to save time and ends would be rotated ever so often.
– After every 2 male matches, there will be a female match.
Day 2 (84 overs X 4 mins = 336 mins plus 5 mins changeover time between 10 matches = 50 mins. Total = 386 mins or or 6 1/2 hrs approx
– 4 Men Quarter finals will be 4overs each= 32 overs
– 2 Men Semi finals will be 4 overs each= 16 overs
– 1 Men Final to be 6 overs each= 12overs
– 2 Female semis will be 4 overs each= 16 overs, female semis will be played before and between the Men Semis.
– 1 Female final will be 4 overs each= 8 overs will be played before the men’s final