The Essequibo Cricket Board (ECB) has eight Regional Cricket Committees; these are Bartica Cricket Committee (BCC), Central Essequibo Cricket Committee (CECC), East Bank Essequibo Cricket Committee (EBECC), Leguan Cricket Committee (LCC) North Essequibo Cricket Committee (NECC), Pomeroon Cricket Committee (PCC), South Essequibo Cricket Committee (SECC) and the Wakenaam Cricket Committee (WCC).

Each of the area committee manages cricket within its geographical area while the ECB manages all levels of cricket among the various committees.

The Essequibo Cricket Board’s head office is located at its hostel and indoor practice facility at Anna Regina on the Essequibo Coast.

ECB saw eight Presidents to date. They are Kayman Sankar, Beni Sankar, Hakim Khan, Milton Dookie, Alvin Johnson, Sheik Asif Ahmad who resigned before his term was over; Prince Holder took over for six months before Fizul Bacchus was elected in last election.

Essequibo cricket has always been constrained by small populations and large distances between populated areas. In addition, Leguan and Wakenaam are (large) islands at the mouth of the Essequibo River that are accessible mainly by boat. The total population of the areas under the Cricket Committees in 2010 was about 85000, distributed as follows: Bartica 8000, Central 19000, East Bank 12000, Leguan 5000, North 10000, Pomeroon 9000, South 12000 and Wakenaam 10000.

It should be noted that Essequibo has about 70000 more residents spread out over an immense area (about 40000 square miles) that are not generally served by the Essequibo Cricket Board, for practical reasons. These areas and their populations are: Cuyuni-Mazaruni (15000), North West (25000), Potaro (10000) and Rupununi (20000).

Efforts are underway to include all these areas in the ECB cricket programs.

Committees under the ECB

  • East Bank Essequibo Cricket Committee
  • Leguan Cricket Committee
  • Wakenaam Cricket Committee
  • Bartica Cricket Committee
  • Pomeroon Cricket Committee
  • North Essequibo Coast Cricket Committee
  • South Essequibo Coast Cricket Committee
  • Central Essequibo Coast Cricket Committee


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