GCB acquires lawn mowers to assist in ground maintenance

The Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) has acquired three John Deer motorized lawn mowers to assist in the development and maintenance of pitch squares and grounds in a number of area Associations.

This aspect of development is perceived as critical in the GCB’s lateral cricket development structure, which encompasses the human resource empowerment (such as players, coaches, tutors, scorers, umpires Match Referees and other cricket personnel), Facility development ( such as club structures, nets, pitches and grounds) and the meaningful interaction processes between the two – human resource personnel of established facilities.

The GCB has conducted a countrywide ground assessment and analysis, and found the upkeep of grounds to a highly suitable standard to be a major challenge to ground authorities, with one of the main reasons the being inaccessibility of appropriate equipment.

It has been observed over the years that the needed regular maintenance of a number of facility grounds posed a challenge, especially during the period where sponsorship was not as readily available as in the years of West Indies dominance of world cricket.

The lawn movers which will be used to upgrade and maintain a number of area association grounds, are expected to add value to both the visible appearance of pitch squares and outfields and to outfields’ cricket effectiveness.

As a result, the GCB has endeavor to undertake the responsibility of assisting area associations to upgrade and maintain their facility outfields. In this regard, the GCB remains committed to overall development of cricket in Guyana; continues to seek new measures in assisting its affiliates to promote cricket at the highest of standards.