GCB congratulates Lloyd on his appointment as head of WICB selection panel

The Members and Executive of the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) wish to extend congratulations to Clive Lloyd on his recent high profile appointment as the Convenor of the West Indies Selection Panel. We strongly feel that this appointment is highly justified since Lloyd possesses all the requisite credentials necessary for the execution of this mandate from the Directors of the WICB.

West Indies cricket is poised for very exciting times with several new initiatives now being implemented by the Board. The most important of which are the new Franchise system for First Class cricket within the Territorial Boards and the extension of the season to 6 months with double rounds of cricket both home and away.

Clive was directly instrumental in elevating the level of our cricket in the decades during the late 70s, 80s and 90s by developing and moulding an unbeatable unit that ruled the world of cricket during that golden era. Prior to that era, our WI team had experienced rather mixed fortunes and was literally in the doldrums for some time after being obliterated by the Aussies in the 1976/77 series. It may very well be coincidental that this appointment by the WICB comes at an opportune time in our resurgence where Clive has been charged with building and moulding another successful unit from the abundance of rich human resources that our region possesses.

We would like to take this opportunity to also congratulate the remaining members of the selection committee, namely, Courtney Walsh, Courtney Browne and Eldine Baptiste. These are a group of former players that all experienced a slice of that golden era period and are now strategically positioned to influence and instill that pride and justification into our players so that they can once again make the West Indies cricketing public proud.