GCB hands out kits to clubs on ECD and RHYSC …continuation of GCB countrywide cricket development outreach programme

The Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) countrywide cricket development outreach programme continued on Saturday, 14 February 2015 at the Lusignan Community centre ground when complete cricket gear kits were given out to Better Hope Cricket Club, Lusignan Cricket Club, Enterprise Cricket Club and Rosehall Town Youth and Sports Club.

2.GCB President, Drubahadur, hands over kit to Mustafaa Azimulla from Better Hope. Also in photo, GCB Secretary, Anand Sanasie (1st from left)

GCB President, Drubahadur, hands over kit to Mustafaa Azimulla from Better Hope. Also in photo, GCB Secretary, Anand Sanasie (1st from left)

Speaking to the Clubs representatives and East Coast U-17 boys who were under trials for the selection on the Demerara team for the GCB Inter-County competition, GCB President, Drubahadur, thanked the various representatives for coming out to uplift their kits and urged them to make full use and take good care of them. He noted that with all the constrains the Board is encountering, it still manages to stick to its mandate by ensuring that all levels of cricket competitions are played within their deadlines. The President told all present that once the GCB irons out some if not all of its distractions, much more help will be given to clubs across the country to help them develop their facilities and players.

Drubahadur further highlighted the good performances by recent Guyana national teams and urged the youngsters present to pay attention to these achievements and work hard to achieve same or better. He wished them well for the trials, stating that he is looking forward to a highly competitive U-17 Inter-County Competition.
Secretary of the GCB, Anand Sanasie, reminded all that this outreach started last year with the aim of having all cricket clubs across the country in possession of the relevant cricket gears so that players who cannot afford all of them can have access to them to train and develop their skills. He noted that so far the Board has reached Bayrock Club and UDCA in Linden, the various associations in Essequibo, some clubs on the East Bank of Demerara and some clubs in Berbice. The Secretary stated that this outreach will continue as the Executive Body of the GCB is committed towards the development of cricket in Guyana.

Delbert Hicks, a member of Rosehall Youth and Sport Club, thanked the GCB for granting their request for assistance with cricket gears as a part of their Jubilee celebrations. He said the gears would help the club a great deal. He also assured the President and Secretary that they would use the gears meaningfully.

Representatives from the other Clubs, Mustafaa Azimulla from Better Hope, Christopher Singh from Lusignan and Jitlall Jowharilall from Enterprise, thanked the Board for the donation and promised to use the gears with utmost care. They added that they hope to be beneficiaries again in the near future.