GCB holds wide ranging discussions with Essequibo cricket officials

Continuing their outreach to Cricket Clubs and Cricket Committees in the Counties, a few GCB Executives met with representatives of the Area Committees of Essequibo on Saturday and assisted them with $50,000 and a box of balls each.

Representatives from Leguan, South Essequibo, Central Essequibo and East Bank Essequibo were present at the Meeting held at the Travellers Lodge Hotel in Parika. The GCB used the opportunity to update the representatives present on the present status of cricket administration at the National level and fielded questions from those representatives present.

GCB President, Drubahadur, Secretary Anand Sanasie and Marketing Manager, Raj Singh also engaged the representatives of the attending Area Committees in a two hour long discussion on burning issues and major concerns regarding cricket and its development in Essequibo.
The discussions mainly surrounded the constraints of traveling to various islands and inland areas, fund-raising, strengthening the administrative structure of the Area Committees, relationships with the County Board, coaching and development of grounds. The GCB is currently completing some rehabilitative works at the Anna Regina hostel and the completion of a practice facility at that location. Suggestions and recommendations were made and both the GCB and the Area Committees made various commitments with pursuing them.

In closing, Representative of East Bank Essequibo, Alvin Johnson, said he was very much embarrassed with the continued poor performance of Essequibo at all levels and as an Executive of Essequibo Cricket Board, he takes what was discussed at the Meeting very seriously and urged the other areas to renew their commitment towards the overall development of cricket in Essequibo. Whilst thanking the GCB for the initiative, Johnson stated that he believes that this move by the GCB has set the tone for a turn around and get the ball rolling for a positive outcome in the future.

Late last month the GCB conducted a similar exercise in Berbice where Executives of the GCB met with First Division Clubs and helped them with $100,000 and practice nets. The Board will next meet with Clubs on the East Bank of Demerara.