GCB launches 2nd edition of “The Guyana Cricketer”

In a concerted effort to document its achievements and history for current and future generations to become edified, the Guyana Cricket Board(GCB) on Wednesday evening unveiled its second annual magazine, “The Guyana Cricketer”.

The informative magazine is the second to be produced by the current executive of the GCB. The 68-page full-colour magazine was distributed to patrons during a gala dinner at the Savannah Suites of the Pegasus Hotel.

The successful compilation and production of the magazine have been deemed a significant milestone in the Board’s rich history by Marketing Manager Raj Singh.

“The GCB is the only known sporting entity in Guyana that has produced and continues to produce such a classy publication. The GCB has been tasked with administering the game of cricket in Guyana and we do take this mandate very seriously and have been making tremendous strides towards the professional execution of this mandate whilst preserving the integrity, independence and the assets of the Guyana Cricket Board, building upon a solid foundation,” Singh told the gathering.

Singh explained that the idea to produce an annual magazine was put forward by President of the Board, Drubahadur during one of the monthly executive committee meetings. Singh was then subsequently given the task of making the project a reality.
“The revenue obtained from this magazine was earmarked to be used for cricket development and the co-sponsoring of our Four-Day Inter-County Tournament for which we are struggling to attract any sponsors for the last five years or so,” Singh explained.
He added, “Our Four-day tournament is the bedrock upon which our cricketers are identified, nurtured and developed, but sadly this format of cricket has become unattractive to sponsors. Further, our detractors continue to ridicule and castigate those sponsors that do come on board and have contributed immensely to the lack of support by the sponsors.”

According to Singh, the major objectives of the magazine are to chronicle the records and achievements of the country’s cricketers; record the highlights of tournaments administered by the GCB and West Indies Cricket Board; feature interesting, topical and pertinent cricket related articles; and improve upon the communication process between the Board, its members, its players and the cricketing public.

The magazine comprises several informative pieces by popular writers and executives of the Board.

These include the Secretary’s report, reflections on the 2014 awards ceremony, a review of the Professional Cricket League franchise system, Future talents, an analytical view of the impact of T20s on Test cricket, exclusive interview with Alvin Kallicharran, Guyana Cricket Board outreach programmes and a feature on Guyana’s latest Test player Leon Johnson, among others.

The publication was made possible through the support of numerous sponsors and is available free of cost.

(Taken from Guyana Times)