GCB makes monetary donation to GYO

The Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) today made a monetary donation to Gandhi Youth Organisation (GYO) to purchase chain link mesh to upgrade their hard court cricket facility.

President of GYO, Surendra Heeralall, thanked the GCB for its timely contribution, as the GYO is in dire need of chain link mesh. He stated that he was confident that the GCB would come to their assistance. He added that the relationship between his club and the Board is a healthy one and he hopes for the goodwill to continue for the betterment of cricket.

Treasurer of GCB, Anand Kalladeen said the GCB is happy to be of assistance to GYO, noting that this club has always made itself available to GCB free of cost. He also hopes that the pleasant and professional relationship between the GYO and GCB continues, as the aim of both these organisations is to produce quality cricketers to compete at the highest level.

The current GCB is committed to the development of cricket. During the second half of last year, the Board has been distributing equipment and other necessities to clubs across the country to equip cricketers to better their skills. The Board will continue to assist clubs as the need arises.