GCB, other partners launch Scotiabank Kiddy cricket programme

The Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) in collaboration with other stakeholders on Wednesday launched the annual Scotiabank Kiddy Cricket programme through an interactive media session at its boardroom on Regent Street, Georgetown.

The programme will return to schools throughout the country in the next school term. The main pillars of the programme are coaching and education.

Territorial Development Officer of the GCB, Colin Stuart, expects the programme to create well-rounded and disciplined players.
“This year we’re building on what we’ve done previously; there will be a coaching and education aspect where we train the players on different aspects of the game like, batting, bowling and fielding, as well as fitness,” Stuart explained.

As it regards the competition, it has been themed “Progression One” and the general Scotiabank Kiddy rules have been adjusted to make it similar to the normal cricketing rules, as this will enhance the aspect of teamwork and individual responsibility.

It is expected that a number of schools will be able to participate in an international display when Australia play the West Indies in the Tri-series at the National Stadium, Providence, on June 10.

Head of the Allied Arts division at the Ministry of Education, Nicholas Fraser, believes the programme will give the Ministry the opportunity to address other issues than sports, and is confident it will fit perfectly into the current move to have a more active sports programme in the school curriculum.

“In terms of evaluating or adding on to the skills that are being thought in the curriculum, this will offer a good outlet for students to practice and enjoy themselves,” he pointed out.

Scotiabank, which has been the major sponsor of the tournament, continues to support the programme due to the enormous amount of talent that has been exposed in the tournament.

Marketing Manager, Jennifer Cipriani, posited that “cricket is very close to our hearts, as West Indians we love our cricket and Scotiabank decided to sponsor cricket many years ago because it was something that really appealed to the West Indians and we thought that association with cricket will work favourable for the bank.”

National cricketers Steven Jacobs and Jonathon Foo are just two of the many products of the programme.

(Taken from Guyana Times)