GCB outreach programmes continue in Berbice…Board donates gears kit to Skeldon Estate Cricket Club

The Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) countrywide cricket outreach programme continued in Berbice at the weekend with President of the Board, Drubahadur, donating a complete cricket gear kit to Skeldon Estate Cricket Club at the Port Mourant Cricket Club ground.

Drubahadur thanked Linden Murray, Community Development Officer at the Skeldon Estate, for accepting his invitation and coming out to receive the gear. He noted that Skeldon and the Upper Corentyne areas continue to produce young talented players for Guyana, and it is only fair that the GCB assist the clubs to groom these players. He added that Berbice has many clubs and the GCB is trying to assist as many of them as possible.

The President stated that the members of the GCB are happy with the performance of the various national teams this year, and they are committed towards working with cricket clubs across the country to discover and nurture new young talents along with those that are already in the system. He reminded all present at the ground, that members of the Board visit the county often to find out about the challenges and concerns of cricket clubs.

Drubahadur also thanked the Government of Guyana, GuySuCo and the Port Mourant Cricket Club President, Vickram Seebarran, for the wonderful development that has taken place at the Port Mourant Cricket Club ground.

He asked Murray to make sure the players at Skeldon make full use of the gear and cherish them. He added that the GCB will continue to assist them with the hope that the club continues to show interest in developing players.

Murray lauded the GCB President for recognising that the Skeldon Estate Cricket Club needed equipment. He assured Drubahadur that he would ensure that the cricketers make maximum use of the gear and care them. He added that he is looking forward to such assistance in the future which would go a long way in strengthening the programme of the club.