GCB President welcomes Guy U-15 team home‏

President of the Guyana Cricket Board, Drubahadur, welcomed home the victorious Guyana U-15 team in the wee hours of the Friday morning at the Cheddi Jagan International airport.

Speaking to the players upon their arrival, the President proudly congratulated them for their outstanding performances in Jamaica. He stated that at such a tender age they have demonstrated true professionalism, bravery and resilience by overcoming several hurdles and challenges during the last few weeks away on tour in Jamaica. A major challenge for the players last weekend and, more especially, Sagar Hatheramani was when he learnt of the unfortunate passing of his mother. The President and Executive of GCB wishes to take this opportunity to extend its heartfelt sympathies to this young cricketer, his family, relatives and friends at this time of bereavement and urge him to use this solemn occasion to motivate himself to rigorously pursue his chosen professional career path in cricket and make his mom proud of this and his future achievements.

President Drubahadur noted that the Executive and members of GCB are especially pleased with the team’s overall effort since the Board had placed a lot of investment into their encampment and general preparation for this tournament.

Chairman of the Competitions Committee, Colin Europe, who accompanied the President pointed out that after 16 years Guyana has now won the U-15 Tournament again. He said such an achievement is history and worthy of widespread praise and acclamation. He lauded the team and urged the players to continue working hard and aim higher as they pursue their individual careers in cricket.

National Under 15 Manager, Andy Ramnarine, expressed his gratitude and appreciation to the President and the Competitions Chairman for recognizing the importance of the achievement and choosing to personally welcome them home at the airport. He posited that Guyana’s success was mainly due to the players competing as a team, their support for each other on and off the field, and even those who did not make the final 11 shared in every sadness and happiness of the touring squad.

The players are ecstatic about the victory and are overwhelmed about the accolades and commiserations they are receiving for their effort. They won four out of their five matches in the Tournament. Kevin Sinclair was the Best Bowler of the Tournament with 11 wickets, and Joshua Persaud was Guyana’s highest run scorer and the fifth of the Tournament. Also, Guyana was the Most Disciplined Team in the competition.