GCB Press statement on AGM

GCB wishes to formally announce that its constitutionally mandated Annual General Meeting is scheduled to be held on Sunday, January 25th 2015 and, in accordance with its constitution appended to the Cricket Administration Act (CAA) of 2014, the requisite notice for this meeting was published in December, 2014. Also, in accordance with the said Act, the GCB is in receipt of the list of delegates from two of its County Boards, namely, Demerara and Essequibo. The GCB notes that the Berbice Cricket Board has blatantly breached the CAA on several fronts even though these breaches were highlighted to them by the GCB and they were given an opportunity to correct this situation.

All Members are reminded to submit their Administrative and financial reports.

The GCB will be hosting a Press Conference following its AGM on Sunday at the GCC Members Pavilion at 12.30pm where a full statement would be issued and a question and answer segment would be reserved for the press.