Sub-Committees of the Board

Competitions Committee

  • Mr. Colin Europe (Chairman)
  • Mr. Virendra Chintamani (Secretary)
  • Mrs. Melinda Bishundyal-Chaitram (Assistant Administrator)
  • A representative from the Guyana Cricket Umpires’ Council
  • Two representatives each from the three County Boards


Cricket Development Committee

  • Mr. Raj Singh (Chairman)
  • Mr. Colin Stuart
  • Dr. Rishee Thahur
  • Mr. Alvin Johnson
  • Mr. Alfred Mentore
  • A representative from the Blind Cricket Association
  • Chairmen of the County Boards’ CDC
  • A representative of the Guyana Cricket Umpires Council


Marketing and Fund Raising Committee

  • Mr. Raj Singh (Chairman)
  • Mr. Rawle Ferguson
  • Mr. Paul Bonar
  • Mr. Ramsey Ali
  • Mr. Rajesh Singh
  • Marketing Managers of county Boards


Finance Committee

  • Mr. Anand Kalladeen (Chairman)
  • Mr. Drubahadur
  • Mr. Anand Sanasie
  • Mr. Raj Singh
  • Mrs. Savitri Persaud


Senior Selection Committee

  • Mr. Rayon Griffith (Chairman)
  • Mr. Adrian Amsterdam
  • Rohan Sarjoo


Junior Selection Committee

  • Mr. Nazimul Drepaul (Chairman)
  • Mr. Aotto Christiani
  • Mr. Julian Moore


Disciplinary Committee

  • Mr. K.A. Juman Yassin (Chairman)
  • Anand Sanasie
  • Mr. Stephen Lewis


Reports Committee

  • Mr. Fizul Bacchus (Chairman)
  • Mr. Anand Sanasie
  • Mr. Andy Ramnarine
  • Mr. Lance Baptiste


Umpires Committee

  • Mr. Drubahadur (Chairman)
  • Mr. Colin Europe
  • A representative of the GCUC

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