Kallicharran commences GCB Youth Program

The Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) commenced its contract with former West Indian batsman, Alvin Kallicharran, with Training Program sessions at the Wales Community Centre ground yesterday.

Alvin Kallicharran (centre) with Demerara and Essequibo teams at Everest

Alvin Kallicharran (centre) with Demerara and Essequibo teams at Everest

Kallicharran was able to observe the players during the first and second days of the opening round of the GCB/Raj Singh Insurance Broker Under-19 Inter-County 3-Day Competition. On Day One he was at Wales Community Centre ground for the match between Berbice and A Selected Under-17 squad, and on Day Two, he was at Everest Cricket Club ground for the match between Essequibo and Demerara.

Prior to the start of play on each day, he had discussions with the teams and their management; he spoke about self-concept, batting technique, and mental strength. His advices and teachings were well received by all. Also, during the course of the days, he engaged individual players in discussions based on his observations.

Kallicharran emphasized on the need for positive self-concept. He stated that players need to be positive in their approach to the game, whether it’s batting, bowling or fielding. He also underscored the importance for players to be technically sound, as such a player will be able to naturally apply himself to the technical aspects of the game. He explained that a player who has technical deficiencies is required to place heavy emphasis on applying himself technically on a given skill, which may cause him to become mentally drained, which leads to inconsistency. Kallicharan pointed out that if players are to be able to survive or overcome challenging match situations, they have to be mentally tough. He noted that mental strength is a critical aspect of a cricketer’s development.

“At the end of the day while practice makes perfect, the input of the players during physical training, net practice and other preparation approaches, must be transferred to productivity in matches which requires great mental application”, stated the legendary batsman.