Kallicharran returned to his hometown – Port Mourant…..training stint concluded yesterday

The training program organized by the GCB and facilitated by Alvin Kallicharran over the past month as coach and mentor met its conclusion yesterday with Kallicharran returning to his home town Port Mourant.

The session which started at 09:00 hours, saw some 30 odd players from the Under 17, 15 and 13 levels participating in the planned activities. These players were able to showcase their talents in the presence of Kallicharran, Colin Stuart (Territorial Development Officer of the GCB), Winston Smith Coach and other relevant cricket officials.

For this session, Kallicharran placed emphasis on two main components, namely “length and application.” The technical aspect of the session focused on the importance of Length for both batters and bowlers. The latter was encouraged to bowl a length of uncertainty, where the batter may find it difficult to score from cuts, pulls or front foot drives. Whereas, the mental aspect of the session placed significance on the batters ability to judge the length of the delivery in question, to determine whether to shot selection – the use of back or front foot to leave alone or play a shot, to pick the gaps in the field, appropriately drop the ball for singles and to be alert and clear in their communication while running between wickets.

Apart from these two main learning components for the session, a number of players received guidance on technical aspects of their game and on their general attitude and mental approach to the game.

The players’ response was favorable, with players expressing a strong willing, interest and desire to be meaningfully involved in the planned activities.

At the close of the program both the Godfrey Persaud and Godwyn Allicock (Vice President and Secretary respectively of Port mourant Cricket Club) expressed their gratitude for the program and Alvin Kallicharran’s contribution.

Kallicharran over the past month was able to visit a number of locations across the country, imparting his knowledge.