Letter to the Sports Editor…CARICOM, Guyana and West Indies Cricket

Dear Sports Editor,
It was interesting to read and listen to the dramatic outbursts of Cabinet Secretary Dr. Roger Luncheon and PPP General Secretary Clement Rohee when the West Indies Cricket Board moved their Test Match to Barbados.
It was the same Roger Luncheon, when asked by Adam Harris at a press conference sometime ago if he was concerned that the WICB may sanction Guyana after the Government had disbanded the Guyana Cricket Board and established an IMC that he replied, “We will deal with the consequences”.
As for Clement Rohee, Mr. Sanasie’s reply was too polite. Rohee admitted that he was not aware of what transpired at the WICB Teleconference but yet called for the gentleman’s resignation. One wonders if Rohee is aware that two (2) Guyanese other than Mr. Sanasie are also Directors on the WICB and one of those is none other than Chairman of Banks DIH Mr. Clifford Reis.
What Mr. Rohee and company should understand is that the Directors of the WICB are not appointed by the Government of Guyana or even the GCB but this is done at a Members’ Meeting of the WICB Inc. and thereafter these individuals have a corporate responsibility to that entity like in any other corporate entity.
Even though insularity will occur, as one’s patriotism will always be to country, it must be understood that directors will have to adhere to code of ethics/conduct and respect their Articles of incorporation.
For someone like Rohee to even question the loyalty and patriotism of Mr. Sanasie is appalling as he may very well be sitting in his chair because of the sacrifices of individuals like Sanasie.
All and sundry within the PPP are now crying foul when the WICB has delivered on its promise of three years ago.
It was always clear to everyone that the Government was increasingly taunting the WICB to take action as every cricket series for the past four years was under threat once a match was fixed for Guyana with the Australian Match also removed in 2012.
It was always brinksmanship negotiations, last minute deals and ad hoc solutions. The WICB has finally decided that enough is enough because despite their concerns the GOG decided to hoodwink everyone and pass the controversial cricket administration bill.
Some in the cricket circles are also concerned about the convenient timing of an injunction against officers of the GCB with the learned Judge even ordering the WICB who they can or cannot appoint as their representatives (an interesting article on ESPN “SC denies injunction against Srinivasan” should be read by the GOG and some legal minds).
This brings me to the point of engaging CARICOM as Mr. Luncheon is now advocating. Don’t we all have short memories? CARICOM was engaged before and the WICB President and CEO visited Guyana back in early 2012.
At that time Mr. Julian Hunte and his CEO Ernest Hillaire attended a meeting facilitated by CARICOM where the GOG was represented by the Minister of Sport Frank Anthony and his Attorney General Anil Nandalall.
Mr. Ramsey Alli was the President of the GCB and both Ministers objected to Mr. Alli’s presence at the meeting. Mr. Hunte then objected to the presence of Mr. Clive Lloyd, then the Chairman of the GOG famous IMC.
This video conference meeting took place at the CARICOM Secretariat and was joined by CARICOM Prime Ministers who were then members of that body’s Sub Committee on Cricket. CARICOM brokered an agreement that was agreed to by all parties, significant to which was early elections of the GCB Executive Committee by about 6 months and GOG having a right to make appointments to the GCB Executive Committee in the interim.
Mr. Nandalall and Anthony left the meeting saying they had to “consult with their principals” and would sign the agreement in the afternoon of that day. Until today they are still consulting.
Mr. Luncheon and Rohee, CARICOM would have the records of that meeting on file so you can get the text since I understand that your Ministers were on a rampage. It would be interesting to release those to the public before you re-approach CARICOM.
In Fact, this may very well be news to you. CARICOM is represented on the WICB Board of Directors by Senator Ricky Skerritt of St. Kitts (nominated by CARICOM and appointed by the Board).  Maybe you guys should ask him about his opinion on moving the New Zealand Test Match from Guyana. You should also know that CARICOM has a non-voting representative present at all WICB General Meetings of Members, in other words, CARICOM is a member of WICB. Confusing, is it not? But comrades, Rohee and Luncheon are too. We should all hope that good sense prevails.
Andy Ramnarine.