Scotiabank, GCB initiate Bank-player relationships on financial investments

Scotiabank in collaboration with the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) met with Cricket Guy Inc (CGI) contracted players yesterday at GCB boardroom, and disseminated valuable information relating to players’financial planning.

Scotiabank, the proud sponsors of West Indies Kiddy Cricket, started its operations in Guyana 1968 and the Caribbean since 1889, and today operates in more than 50 International countries.
Scotiabank took time out to initiate Bank-player relationships on potential of financial investment tasked at enriching the life of the players. The interactive session saw Scotiabank personnel articulating the need for players to have disciplined investment procedures, through step by step financial planning processes, geared at enabling such players to attain their set futuristic goals. They emphasized that though these visionary plans may vary from individual to individual, early, careful and professional planning was apt to assist players in enhancing their socio-economic standing in society.

Scotiabank personnel indicated that professional planning for areas such as studies, mortgage, marriage and the family (children’s education), retirement and unfortunate sudden situations were critical to the players’ holistic needs, and as such should be carefully and thoroughly examine by the players. As such, the players were guided to take control of their present economic position to ensure favorable economic future.

Vonetta Payne, Scotiabank’s Relationship Officer, outline a variety of important areas for players consideration, which included an honest opinion of what the players wanted from life, the essential need for players to become financially better off, guidance on developing traits to improve such financial capabilities, and measures that can be facilitated through Scotiabank in helping players attain their varying but set levels of financial stability and wealth.

Zainab Khan-Hemraj, another of Scotiabank’s Relationship Officers, highlighted the role Scotiabank is willing to take to help players achieve financial prosperity. She pointed out, that as an individual life’s changes, so too are likely to be their plans. She alluded to the fact, that unexpected financial gains, death of a spouse or relative and such unforeseen events were likely to stimulate essential adjustments to a person’s life. Prior and realistic economic planning was therefore, seen as the key to effectively dealing with such situations. As a consequence, she went through a number of possible options that are available at Scotiabank for players of varying income levels.

Adrian Fraser, Scotiabank’s Personal Banking Officer highlighted the differential plans and facilities that are available at the Scotiabank for the players. These included the automatic savings plans, purchase of land and home builder loans, Government mortgage and existing procedures to receive credits and loan bonuses. Fraser along with the Payne and Khan-Hemraj also clarified a number of the questions presented by players.

Colin Stuart, the Territorial Development Officer of the Guyana Cricket Board, indicated that the initiative by Scotiabank in targeting the players’ holistic lives was indeed welcomed by the GCB. He opined that without careful and professional planning, players may very well complete their cricket careers without putting much energies to futuristic financial planning; as a result may not be adequately equip to deal with life after cricket. In this regard, the GCB finds this intervention by Scotiabank as invaluable – since it adds value to the existing cricket related programs conducted by the board that are geared at enhancing not only Guyana’s cricket but the life’s of individual players.

Another session is being planned for all Academy 4 Tier players and others.