From left: Andy Ramnarine, Raj Singh, Anand Kalladeen, Fizul Bacchus, Anand Sanasie, Rayon Griffith and Virend

From left: Mr. Andy Ramnarine, Mr. Raj Singh, Mr. Anand Kalladeen, Mr. Fizul Bacchus, Mr. Anand Sanasie, Mr. Rayon Griffith and Mr. Virendra Chintamani

Executives of the GCB

  1. Mr. Drubhadur – President
  2. Mr. Fizul Bacchus – Vice president (Administration)
  3. Mr. Anand Sanasie – Secretary
  4. Mr. Virendra Chintamani – Assistant Secretary
  5. Mr. Anand Kalladeen –Treasurer
  6. Mr. Colin Europe – Competitions Chairman
  7. Mr. Rajendra Singh – Marketing Manager
  8. Mr. Andy Ramnarine – Public Relation officer
  9. Mr. Rayon Griffith – Chairman of Senior Selectors
  10. Mr. Nazimul Drepaul – Chairman of Junior Selectors
  11. Mr. Anil Beharry – President of Berbice Cricket Board

Directors on WICB Inc.

  • Mr. Anand Sanasie
  • Mr.  Anand Kalladeen

Guyana Representatives on WICB Inc. 

  • Mr. Drubahadur
  • Mr. Rajendra Singh







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