GCB presents brush cutters to cricket clubs in Berbice

The Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) presented a brush cutter each to thirteen first division cricket clubs in Berbice to assist with ground preparation. A contingent consisting of President Drubahadur, Secretary Anand Sanasie, Marketing Manager Raj Singh and TDO Colin Stuart, met with representatives of the clubs at the Albion Community Development Centre yesterday and presented the equipment. The clubs are West Berbice, Upper Corentyne, Blairmont, Tucber Park, Rosehall Town, Police, Young Warriors, Edinburgh, Port Mourant, Albion, Skeldon Community Development Centre, Rosehall Estate and Bush Lot.

President of GCB, Drubahadur, hands over a brush cutter to a cricketer of Albion Community Development Centre

President of GCB, Drubahadur, hands over a brush cutter to a cricketer of Albion Community Development Centre

Drubahadur told the clubs that he is heartened that they saw this intervention as important, noting that he is even more happy that they have endeavored to maintain and upkeep the equipment so that the club grounds can have maximum utilization of them.

Sanasie said the GCB recognised that cricket clubs need help preparing grounds, especially when the weather is bad. He stated that today the GCB is reaching out to Berbice, a continuation from last year when the GCB assisted clubs in Berbice with cricket nets and cash. Sanasie said GCB would continue to help clubs in Guyana in enhancing and developing their facilities. He called on the clubs to take good care of the brush cutters and asked Berbice Cricket Board (BCB) to check them from time to time.

Angela Hanniff, Secretary of the (BCB) thanked GCB for this initiative, noting that the cutters would help a great deal in getting grounds prepared and ready for first division and other cricket in Berbice. Haniff stated that BCB would take full responsibility of keeping the brush cutters in proper conditions.

The brush cutters are seen as valuable assets to cricket clubs since it greatly assist curators in maintaining high standards of pitch squares – an aspect of the ground that has been the subject of vital importance. Further the cutters would undoubtedly assist in the upkeep outfields, especially during unfavourable weather conditions.

The capability of keeping outfields at a lowered level during both favourable and unfavourable conditions adds to the overall suitability and efficiency of the ground preparation.

The GCB having agreed with it’s affiliated clubs on the conceptualization benefits of the brush cutters, found it extremely critical to present the named clubs with such an invaluable and irreplaceable tool. This is another essential contribution by the GCB in an effort to uphold the highest standards of cricket clubs facilities across Guyana.