Cricket Guy Inc. acquires bowling machines for Coaching Education Program

Cricket Guy Inc. (CGI) has acquired two bowling machine for the Guyana Jaguars and Academy players. The National age group players and National Female teams are also expected to benefit from this valuable asset.

The bowling machines are expected to benefit training sessions in a favorable way, since it allows for programs to be conducted in a more realistic and meaningful manner, with coaches being enable to structure net sessions in a systematic way that incorporates varying types of learning.

The bowling machine provides batsmen with an opportunity to enhance their strengths as well as explore the challenging batting areas they may face. The machine allows for batsmen to have extended batting practice that may not be otherwise presented by bowlers.

Further, the machine provides for an opportunity for coaches to simulate different types of deliveries that may not be readily available to batsmen base on the nature and quality of bowlers in a given squad.

In addition, the bowling machine allows for meaningful practice both indoors and outdoors, generally providing a good mix between automated (abstract) practice and actual (real) practice and match context.

President, Mr. Drubahadur indicated that CGI feels delighted to be able to provide such an invaluable asset to the players gear inventory. The players and coaches have highlighted the need for such an equipment, and our organization is today honored to be able to provide such purposeful tool towards the CGI’s coaching education program. CGI continues to assess its pool of players and its available resources, and continually seek to take all necessary and realistic steps to add value to the coaching education process and by so doing, adding purpose and value to the players and team’s performance.