Fitness Trainer satisfied with Guyana Jaguars

Guyana’s leading fitness trainer Kezqweyah Yisrael is satisfied with the work ethic of the members of the Guyana cricket Franchise which is preparing for the second edition of West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) the Professional Cricket League which commences on November 6 with the Guyana Jaguars playing the Windward Islands Volcanoes at the Providence Stadium.

Yisrael who has been working with PCL defending Champions for the past few months believes that the players are about 70-75% in terms of their fitness levels and opined that this group of players are much fitter at this point than previous Guyana teams.

“The guys are buying into this training programme and there is harmony in the team. They have had a much longer time to get fit than previous occasions and most have been doing work on their own even before we got together as a group,” said Yisrael who facilitated a motivational training session with the players last week.

“There is more respect all round. The senior guys are showing the younger ones plenty of respect which no doubt is playing a huge role in their commitment to training which has been very competitive among everyone,” Yisrael pointed out.

It is felt that the contracts for especially the fringe players, have played major roles in their work ethic since they are being paid to train and yesterday the players were tested physically in a ‘yo yo’ test which while similar to the Beep test is much harder due to sprinting as levels of increase and having to stop and wait for five seconds at the completion of every ‘run down’.

The experienced Yisrael feels that as the tournament draws closer mental fitness will play a big role, but don’t feel the players being ‘burnt out’ physically which be a factor.

They should be well equipped mentally since Yisrael covered areas like setting goals, (big goals that are scary and make you stretch) vision, dealing with Failure, criticism, the media, visions and plans for life after cricket when he spoke to the players.

The Coaching staff has been doing a fantastic job getting the players ready for their title defence with nets sessions and simulation sessions at the Bourda ground.

Chairman of selectors and Assistant Coach for Guyana, pacer Rayon Griffith explained that yesterday was the first time the players were exposed to the ‘yo yo’ system and was very impressed with their performance during the test.

“Leon Johnson is usually the top performer in the ‘Beep test’ but today (yesterday) we saw younger Chanderpaul reach 18.1 the same as West Indies under-19 player Shemron Hetymer but young left arm spinner Devon Lord was really impressive reaching 18.8. Fudadin, Johnson and West Indies under-19 selectee Tevin Imlach were the players who completed the most levels,”

Griffith informed that the final squad should be selected next month adding that he wants the pacers and wicketkeeper to improve in the ‘yo yo’ tests.

Head Coach Esuan Crandon, also a former National fast bowler, disclosed that today the team will be engaged in ‘nets’ practice at Bourda before two four-day practice games will be played next month.

“I have recommended that the last practice game be played at Providence where we will have our first three games but overall I am quite pleased where we are at this point,” Crandon said.

(Taken from Kaieteur News)