Richard Pybus engages GCB on the Boards initiatives and developmental programs

WICB Director of Cricket, Richard Pybus, who was in Guyana for the final round of the WICB PCL 4-Day, met with GCB Officials on Monday where he was briefed on the Boards initiatives and undertakings along with the other programs for 2016. The GCB officials were Drubahadur (President), Anand Sanasie (Secretary), Colin Stuart (TDO), Esuan Crandon (Head Coach of Guyana Jaguars) and Rayon Griffith (Assistant Coach/Manager of Guyana Jaguars).

Mr. Pybus was very impressed with the GCB and its performance at all the age group and senior levels over the past two years and commended the Board officials for their accomplishments considering the limited resources available.

The initiative that pleased the WICB Director of Cricket the most was the National Secondary School Cricket League which GCB rolled out in late 2015 and finished in early 2016. Mr. Pybus stated that it is absolutely important to encourage cricket in the schools’ programme, noting that only Barbados have been successful over the years in this aspect. He expressed his happiness about Guyana starting a School League, emphasizing that it is in the schools where talents should be recognized, pulled out and nurture by the Clubs and Boards.

Discussions were also held about the GCB Academy which serves as a second tier team and a feeder o the first team. Mr. Pybus posited that it is a brilliant move by the GCB, adding that it played an important role in the Guyana Jaguars dominance in the 4-Day Championship. The gathering also discussed other strategies for developing and expanding the Academy.

Among the many areas touched in the Meeting, Richard Pybus took the opportunity to learn about what is offered in Guyana’s tertiary institutions to cricketers and their involvement in cricket. In addition to GCB plans to help some players, Mr. Pybus suggested means in getting other players into tertiary institutions since it is vital for them to be academically equipped.

The local Executives and staff briefed and updated the Cricket Director on current cricket development initiatives and plans for the future.

The WICB Director of Cricket acknowledged the GCB Executives efforts to find ways in getting their programs rolled out. He further added that having a plan is one thing and executing it is another. He believes Guyana has been ahead of their regional counterparts because they are innovative and get their programmes completed. He wished the Board continued success and urged the officials to build on their hard work.